Diversity Endowment Fund

North Star Society

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation hosts four Diversity Endowment Funds, permanent community endowments for the benefit of racial and cultural communities in Minnesota.

Please check back for our 2020 grant timeline.

Asian Pacific Endowment

The Asian Pacific Endowment supports projects and programs within Minnesota’s Asian-Pacific community that use culture to address social issues and give voice to their experiences.

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El Fondo de Nuestra Comunidad

El Fondo de Nuestra Comunidad

El Fondo de Nuestra Comunidad is committed to fostering social change while preserving culture and values. The fund focuses on pathways to citizenship for the Latino community.

Pan African Community Endowment

The Pan African Community Endowment supports efforts that reflect the history and values of African Americans and African immigrants and refugees.

Community Diversity Endowment Fund
Two Feathers Endowment

Two Feathers Endowment

Two Feathers Endowment focuses on artistic, educational, social and cultural opportunities within Minnesota’s American Indian community.

To learn more about the Diversity Endowment Funds, email us.